Instructional Innovation Coach

San Francisco, California, United States | Instructional Innovation Team | Full-time


Knowing Technologies provides Strategic Leadership, Instructional Innovation Coaching, Managed IT Services, and Help Desk support to K-12 schools in California and Colorado.  


Position: Instructional Innovation Coach

We provide an innovative and impactful professional learning experience for educators that is creating high-profile success stories within our partner schools.

We are looking for instructional leaders who are passionate about finding creative ways to enhance learning and teaching with technology and will thrive in the school environments that we work in. 

What describes you?

You are a leader who has taught in the K12 classroom for at least five years, successfully implementing innovative instructional practices and student-centered learning experiences; you lead by example and have at least two years of direct experience leading professional development programming with teachers; you can clearly articulate your personal philosophy on teaching and learning and understand what it means to be an innovative educator in the 21st century.

You have a talent for identifying the most appropriate instructional technology for all types of classroom applications and can provide guidance and expertise to educators of all experiences and comfort levels with technology.

You are a collaborator and creative thinker who is eager and interested in working with teachers to develop student-centered learning environments. You are able to inspire teachers to find meaningful ways to use technology and are capable of building working relationships that are both productive and trusting.

You communicate clearly and with purpose no matter the medium, are confident engaging with all school stakeholders and are not afraid to try new approaches to well-established processes. You are intrinsically motivated to find creative solutions to problems.

You regularly engage in professional learning communities, social media, and have a highly-professional digital footprint.

 Exemplary candidates will possess the following:

  • Teaching experience in the K12 environment
  • Academic/technology leadership -- working with adults in a formal capacity is what we do
  • Google Apps for Education certification(s) -- one or many
  • Strong, working knowledge of Mac OSX and iOS operating systems -- most of our schools work with Apple products
  • Personal toolkit of digital tools -- you should have an arsenal of your own go-to tools
  • Strong communication skills -- whether it’s a one-on-one, small group, or full-faculty meeting
  • Strong networking skills in person and through social media channels -- that’s how we grow our brand, our skill sets, and toolkits!
  • Flexibility with evolving roles in our evolving company -- this means wearing multiple and changing hats
  • Open to travel -- it is highly likely that we will ask you to jump on a plane to get to one of our schools.

What will this position require of you?

You will collaborate regularly with teachers, school leaders, and other Knowing Technologies colleagues, effectively implement professional development programs focused on targeted learning objectives, and provide learning experiences that ensure accountability for achieving these objectives.

You will balance multiple schools, teachers, and personalities (even the reluctant ones) within a single day, a semester, and/or an entire academic year. You will be able to transition your thinking from one grade level to another, from one subject area to another, anticipate challenges that schools teachers and students may face when using specific technologies, and clearly communicate and prepare your teachers to deal with these challenges successfully.

You will scaffold your techniques so that your teachers can work towards a level of independence with technology integration and the implementation of student-centered learning practices. You will integrate reflective time to ensure their growth is monitored and achieved. You will inspire them to think differently about their instruction, support them in enhancing their curriculum to fully engage their students and ignite in them a new passion for teaching. 

You will meet regularly with schools’ academic leaders to discuss instructional and technical service delivery and quality, identify additional opportunities for teachers to share new tools and strategies with their colleagues and support them in creating innovative teaching and learning environments for their entire community.

Why work with us?

  • We are small, and constantly growing.
  • We offer medical benefits, vacation, sick days, and a great sense of humor.
  • You don’t want to get swallowed up by a large technology company. You want to work someplace fun, but fast-paced. Your employee badge won’t have a barcode on it. It has two digits.
  • You want to learn more from people who share a similar  passion for using technology to enhance learning and teaching.
  • You want opportunities.
  • You want to build.